Types of staff scheduling

2017-01-30 15:53:09

Working schedules differ, basing on jobs, companies and employers. But usually 4 types of staff scheduling are widely used and applied in the majority of companies. Let's consider them, including their pros and cons.


1. Full-time job

It is the most common way to schedule employees. Normally, working time of this type consists of 40 hours per week. Employees start their working day at 8 AM and finish it at 5 PM or work from 9-10 AM to 6-7 PM. The work schedule will be okay for those people who have enough time to build a career and don't have any difficulties and obstacles to spending almost whole day at an office. Full-time employment isn't the best decision for people preferring to work less or spend more time on hobby.


2. Part-time job

This type of employee scheduling will be convenient for those people who have double employment or other activities that take a lot of time. Working hours are discussed with an employer and they can vary depending on a company's activity area and an employee's position in it. While scheduling part-time employment hours, an employer may take into account an employee's preferences, but working hours will still be fixed and timebound. Nevertheless, this kind of employment gives more free time and mobility.


3. Shift schedule

Shiftwork includes day and night working hours and employees should have certain number of shifts within a month. To distribute and calculate amount of working hours properly, managers use employee schedule makers or shift planning services. It allows to avoid misunderstandings and create appropriate timetable for every employee.


4. Flexible working hours

The most desired scheduling type for almost every person. Flexible schedules allow employees to forget about being always busy and spending all day at work. An employee determines his working time and discusses it with an employer, if they meet each other's requirements, they begin to cooperate on such terms. The negative side is that vacation and holidays aren't always provided, as well as sick leaves.


Staff scheduling has various types and can combine two and even more ways of cooperation and working time planning. Every person chooses time to his liking or accepts schedule as it is, if his workplace is full of other advantages. For some people this question is more than just important and they seek for a job with certain working hours, not paying attention to other conditions. Anyway, there is always a great choice of opportunities for getting the right place to work in.